Compensation Plan

NHT Global is proud to introduce an exciting home-based business opportunity that rewards you for sharing the products you love. As an NHT Global independent distributor, you have flexibility to work when and where you want and can earn modest supplemental income on your terms. Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, our industry-leading compensation plan allows you to work a global business that is fully customized to you, and you’ll be part of an amazing community of like-minded people who support you every step of the way.


During 2023, 80% of our active CA members who worked on building a business with NHT Global earned a commission and 20% did not earn any form of compensation. Of those who did earn a commission, 70% earned between $1 and $1,000 in total annual commissions. For complete information on average members’ earnings, please refer to the Statement of Average Gross Income (Download PDF).

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